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6 Ways To Make Your Quarantine Productive

Its been a long time now, we are under either self-quarantine, forced quarantine, lockdown, or curfew. With every passing day, our routine is becoming monotonous. You might be feeling meh….. as you get short of ideas on how to make this time more and more productive in the long run. Don’t worry, we are together in these trivial times so, I was thinking to bring you with 6 easy yet extremely useful ideas that can help you with success when we are corona free.  🙂

Buckle up, ladies! Lets put our minds to work.

# 1 Share Your Culinary Experience With the World

Now that we are enjoying family time, I see women cooking new dishes for kids, family members, and loved ones. You all are super chefs seriously. So why waste this talent? The plan is simple; to try something new you must be doing a lot of research on different youtube channels, books, videos, online recipes, yes? the moment your dish turns out yummilicious. Write that down straight away. Make a notebook or diary for that. You can do in Urdu, English, Punjabi, Pushto, Spanish, French whatever language pleases you. You can come up with separate sections such as baking, nutritious food, snack bar, cocktails, and whatnot.  Once the pandemic is over, soon (stay positive) you can have your book published. Tadaaaaa!

 # 2 Learn Some Real DIY Skill

We are so into looking for something that can help us pass time. Let’s not do things from today just to cut time but to master the skill. How? Here is the plan; If you love painting start taking free classes right from the beginner’s level. The same goes for calligraphy, stitching, candle making and once you start exploring you will find a fair amount of options to choose from. How is it going to be productive? Master the skill, practice and make things. You can put them up for sale right away or later. Yaayyyy!!

# 3 Take Free Online Technical/Digital Courses

Ok Here, this one is for those who love working online. There are numerous websites, youtube channels who teach you different courses free of cost. You can research and pull the ones that suit you. You can find them pretty much in both, your national language and second language (Urdu and English). Some of the courses you must take are; Freelancing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Writing, SEO, if you are interested in design then go for Graphic Designing. In the long run, these courses will help you in your business, online earning, workplace and everywhere. 🙂

# 4 Create a Blog/Youtube Channel

Oh yes, if you have been always wanted to create your own blog or a youtube channel and never got time. This is the right time. Why wait? You have plenty of”Me Time” now. Take advantage. Get on to work!! Here I am giving you one end of the rope; you can create your blog on http://wordpress.comhttp://blogger.com, http://wix.com. Dig Google, you can find more!

# 5 Plants for Sale

No, no, no. It’s not for everyone. Only if you love plants, you call them your babies, you care for them as you do for your family read further. You can utilize the quarantine time to plant herbs, succulents, cactus, indoors, and kitchen garden pots. This collection would be an excellent addition to the market. All the best!!

# 6 What’s Bake’ in?

There are girls out there who bake so damn good you can’t tell if it has come from a professional or an amateur. Why wasting your talent? Let the world taste your baking. If you are a beginner this is the right time to get on to the ship and become a pro. How? Check for different small online free courses. I am pretty sure you won’t only get a chance to learn new tricks and techniques but find small useful tips to polish your baking skills.  Next time you bake do not forget to click a photo. You can become home-based entrepreneur 🙂 Keep Baking!

Enjoy this time with your families, meanwhile sow the seed of learning today and enjoy the ripeness of success tomorrow.


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