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The Ultimate Tips To Keep Your Cactus Alive

Have you heard the saying that goes something like “phool k sath kaantay” ya “kaanton ke sath phool” kind of? Ok whatever that was, cactus is a perfect example. I find cactus plants so relatable to human species. You can find them unique, different shapes, sizes, colored flowers. Short, mini, fat, thick, thin, slim, thorny, plain and so on. The very first cactus I ordered was from someone online. Having pot in hand, I starred the thing for good 20 minutes not knowing how to take care of this mini cactus? But as soon I figured that out, I simply fell in love with this succulent. Being a lazy soul, taking care of this houseplant was super easy.  I wanted these cute and mini cactuses all around my house so, in a month I bought a few more from the nursery. The beautiful cactus flowers on thorny indoor plants give me hope and positivity every single day.

With these simple tips, you can make your cactus garden stay alive for ages. Watering Cactus How to water cactus is tricky as they are desert dwellers. In countries with extreme weather, winters can be hard for these indoor plants. In regular summer months, you must water your cactus twice a week maximum and the soil is supposed to be soaked properly. But in the winters, you can extend the watering interval and let the soil dry in between. Light Requirements You do not need to run around the house holding cactus pot for light adjustment throughout the day. Usually, I have observed keeping cactus somewhere near a window can be enough light for these plants. Do not stress yourself over too much or too little light. What can kill your cactus? Overwatering Never ever overwater your cute cactus. Too much watering can literally destroy the roots of your loving indoor plant. Dehydration It’s not only you and me who get dehydrated, but plants are also dehydrated too. If you observe the wrinkles, shrinking of cactus these are sure short signs that cacti are dehydrated. Give water. Excessive Light Exposure If you see black, brown stains on your cacti, the species might not be good with too much sunlight. Place your plants in a shade. Most importantly, love your baby plants. The more you love them, the longer they stay. 

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