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3 Ways to Survive Office Politics Today

Gossiping is a favorite time pass of people around the globe. Agreeing or disagreeing is your choice but you can not label women only with this taboo, men are equal contributors in this segment. At the workplace, gossip usually leads to office politics and dealing with it becomes a real struggle for both; employees and employers. Not only the competition but the difference of opinion, varying interests and individuals’ backgrounds inculcate the idea of backstabbing among a group sharing a common floor.

Here in this blog, I am compiling a survival kit for staff to survive in such a situation. The two straight rules are;

  1. willfully ignore office politics 

  2. learn to get through it

The second one should be your choice otherwise you will be trolled upon. Instill the below-mentioned habits to survive office politics and get out triumphant.

#1 Diplomacy is the key

Co-working and teamwork mean getting well along with those individuals you hate to the moon and back. Sad indeed! But this is how it is. Being a friend does not mean partying all night long, just be pleasant, nice and professional at the same time. On top of it, stay diplomatic. Avoid giving your personal opinions in every discussion not related to your task.

#2 Keep your secrets to yourself

There might be colleagues trustworthy but they are staff after all and in competition with you. Never spit out your secrets. Even if you have an inside report about the Company, never disclose it to a fellow worker. He might turn against you and win the game. Who knows!

#3 Be part of a gossip

Strange? But yes, sadly you are to be part of this political battle fought on your office floor. Try not to contribute to firing up the ongoing debate and be a silent spectator. Remember rule#1? “Befriend with all”. Even if you are finding the discussion tempting, control your inner gossiping soul and focus on listening. You will have a win-win situation.

Though there are a plethora of do’s and don’ts to deal with office politics, these three will help you get through office rivalries, colleagues jealousy, leg-pulling, office politics, and backstabbing.


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