Attention! Full-Time Mothers

Being a full-time mom is the most challenging job

Full-time mom is an unpaid, unacknowledged and undervalued but the most difficult and challenging job on the face of this planet. Many of the moms out there will agree and some won’t. Well, that is the matter of experiences we have been through.

Every time I see a mother and ask; “What do you do?”

The reply is standard; “O nothing, I am just a stay at home mother.

Seriously? You are not only a full-time mom but an all shifts nurse, a caregiver of your children, driver of the little army, chef for the hungry brats, a teacher for naughty students, entertainer for the tantrum-throwing battalion and a lot more. Being a stay at home does in no way mean you are doing nothing. It means you are performing the job of various professionals, all at once.

A conventional mindset of a society

A full-time mother alone is not to be blamed for this mindset (specifically in Asian societies). Somehow the concept of stay at home mom has been related to a woman who is performing her duties towards home, husband, children, and family but is considered non-productive. Hang on, the term “productive” is used often by husbands when they ask their wives; “OK you are looking after kids, doing home chores, taking care of laundry and grocery, teaching kids but why are you not doing something productive?” Come on, are you serious all the husbands? Productive? And what about the kids?

Be proud of yourself ladies!

Full-time mommies! You must be proud of being a stay at home mother. Though no reasons are required to feel proud but still here I provide you with a few;
  1. You are not working for the betterment of a class, group, or team rather investing time, energy, and effort in the development of generations and nations.
  2. You might not be getting paychecks at the end of each month but you do get hugs, kisses, and smiles every now and then, which is priceless.
  3. You might not be getting promotions quarterly but you are helping your child achieve every single milestone.
  4. You might not be attending official dinners but the unmatched conversation on the dinner table with your children is a treasure.
Praise yourself for being 24/7/365 available for each member of the family. Never say you do nothing. Accept that you are the backbone of the system, which allows everyone else around to do what they want by sacrificing what you had to do.

Mother is a person who does work of twenty for free

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