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Is Depression the Reason behind Suicidal Ideation?

In the last few months, I have come across numerous news of suicides which were so heart wrenching that I could not stop myself from writing down to vent out my feelings on this growing stigma in our society.

Suicide Incidents in Pakistan Over a Year

  1. The heartbreaking demise of a beautiful aspiring beauty blogger, Aamna Atiq, who gave up fighting with depression which was the result of her husband’s mental and physical torture and her father’s apathy.

  2. A heartbroken death of a young Bahria University student who was done bearing a continuous pressure being built up by our flawed educational system.

  3. A tragic suicide (or murder) of a merry going, happy soul Nimerta Chandni on account of blackmailing by a colleague.

  4. A bright young 14 years old boy from Gilgit who took his life after receiving low grades in High School.

  5. Malika Bibi, who considered jumping into the river and dying as an easy solution to domestic violence rather than fighting back.

These are a few incidents but portraying clearly where we are heading as a society. These heartwrenching news are enough to stir up a society with consciousness.

Apparently, suicides are individual deaths but contrarily, these are murders by our society.

On a stage of life, suicide is an escape from temporary problems but at the backstage, there are various factors resulting in this dilemma. Domestic violence, parents’ apathy, pressure cooker education, workplace harassment are a few to name.

In this era of materialism, we do not have time to look around and reach the depressed souls to lend them a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. Stress, anxiety or depression can hit anyone at any stage in life but suicidal ideation related to them is alarming. Suicidal deaths are increasing at a rapid rate around the globe. In a study, suicide is graded as a 10th leading cause of death and is a global phenomenon. We must act now to stop this go further and before it gets out of hands.

Warning Signs

The body language and behavioral changes are the foremost noticeable changes if a person is heading towards suicide depression. People talk about hopelessness, having no reason to live, showing no interest in activities, anger or irritability. Look for these depression symptoms among people who seem no longer at peace.

Lend a Helping Hand

We shall not wait for the government to release notification to play our role in this tragedy as banning the use of plastic and planting a billion trees.
Do not lean back on your seats and read the suicide stories. Reach a person, listen to him, talk to him, take him to a psychologist for counseling if required. This is the least you can do, this is the least I can do. Let us start from here!

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