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My First Salary

Growing up is a trap!

When I was little, I wished to grow up in a blink of an eye. The school life seemed to be one heck of a thing that I wanted to elapse as quickly as I could. The idea of being a “grown-up” was entirely about “free soul”. School life was the life of responsibility, you know the responsibility of working hard to get good grades! Oh man! I realized later that those carefree days were beautiful which I wanted to go by in nano-second. To my surprise, time flew. And it flew so swiftly that I could not enjoy each moment of those gleeful and bubbly days to the fullest.

Then I stepped into the “real” world, commonly we call it as a “practical” world. And whoever said its a trap, I should have listened to him. The poor soul kept telling;

Don’t grow up it’s a trap!

The most exciting day!

Anyways, the blog today is not about not growing up or re-living childhood. But I thought of sharing one of the most exciting days of my life. Everyone out there who is doing a job or is soon to start one can definitely relate to this.

It was the last day of university. I was sitting amongst my class-fellows and we were discussing our plans ahead. Some of them exactly knew where will they be heading. And as far it was me, at that point in time, I realized I yet was not clear about what to do? I used to think, when I am done with my Masters I will do; Plan A – Plan B – Plan C – Plan D – Plan E – Plan F – Oh hang on, generally people have A, B and C plans only but you see I always had too much going on in my head as I was unclear what exactly do I want to do?

My first job!

Well, bidding farewell to my friends, I reached home. I wanted to do something without wasting a single day. I knew I can not have an offer letter in hand by the evening but still, I wanted to start from somewhere even if that is not something I would like to carry on. Guess what! A colleague of my father asked him if I can give classes to their kids (A level) on English Grammar and Literature subjects. Without giving a second thought, I agreed. After two days, I was approached by another aunty in a neighborhood who was looking for an English teacher for her nephew (O Level).

For the whole month, the idea of working the same day of completing my university was so overwhelming, I was enjoying every single day teaching those kids. It was my first accomplishment and I thought this is the best feeling. But best was yet to come. At month-end, I received the paycheck from parents, which we never discussed before tutoring the kids. The amount was tiny but it was my very own earning and I felt great.

My first salary!

When someone gets his/her first salary, 90% of the time they give it to their parents. I did the same. And it’s not that your parents need that money, its just that moment of excitement and pride that everyone wants to share with the most loveable people of their lives and they are the parents only. Coming back to “my first salary”, when I handed that to my parents, the smile on my mother’s face, the pride in my father’s eyes is still unmatchable to any feeling.

No words can better describe the feeling than this,

My first salary was just a few thousand rupees.

But dad’s tight embrace and mom’s joyous face,

Felt like a million bucks.

I hadn’t made them rich,

But as I realised that day,

I had made them proud.

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