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Robot Model Using Boxes – Art and Craft Project

Here I am with art and craft project. The most exciting time of the year for me is summer vacations. I simply love the idea of sleeping peacefully without being worried about getting up the next morning and doing everything in a rush. But vacations are not for fun 🙁 for us as mothers, we get loads of homework. Today I am sharing with you how can you create a show stopper 3D model using waste things at home.

I don’t mind the mess

Things you require;

  • Empty tissue rolls 04
  • Shoe Box 01
  • Empty tissue box 01
  • Large bottle cap 01
  • Empty biscuits trays 02
  • Black Chart
  • Craft Paper (Any Color)
  • Silver Paper or Foil
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Whitener


  • Cover tissue box and shoe box using kite paper or craft paper
  • Cover empty tissue rolls with foil/silver paper
  • Join boxes and place bottle cap in between
  • Attach tissue rolls as arms and legs
  • Glue biscuit trays as ears
  • Attach eyes, draw the mouth using the whitener
  • Color or decorate your model if you please

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