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“Corona – COVID 19”, a newly coined terminology in the dictionary of not only medicine but terror too, horripilate us when we read, hear or even think about it. This novel disease in itself is a challenge and amidst COVID 19 we are creating a muddle. How and what? Give me some time to justify the statement I just made.

It was February 20th I believe, the first case tested positive in Pakistan.

Entry Port: Jinnah International Airport, Karachi

Origin: Iran

Daydream; First COVID 19 patient, as soon lands in Pakistan, all the related departments get into action, he is moved into quarantine. Government inaction, all borders closed, air operations suspended, curfew imposed for the next 48 hours. They quarantine all onboard passengers. The situation seems ideal but unfortunately, we were dreaming. Let us now get back to the ground realities and facts. I promise I won’t make it too complicated and lengthy to get you bored. This is going to be straight pointers.

Reality Check#1 - We lack testing kits
Reality Check#2 - We do not have enough PPEs to protect our paramedics let alone policemen and army in action
Reality Check#3 - Our hospitals are not equipped with up to date medical supplies, we lack ventilators
Reality Check#4 - Curfew is not our thing
Reality Check#5 - 45+% population lacks education and out of 55% literate population 30% take COVID 19 as a joke

Having said above, we need to look at what we are actually doing? As offices and schools are closed, instead of enjoying quality family times inside four walls of our comfort zone, people are more interested to do grocery every second day. This exposes us to the threat. The lockdown is fun for people and to check is it the “REAL” lockdown situation around in town, people take families out to experience what it feels like. Believe me, if CORONA hits you, it won’t feel any good. Instead of being a responsible citizen and doing our job of staying indoors, people are creating trouble for policemen, the army on the roads. They are there for your protection. For God’s sake, have mercy on them and yourself.

There is another trend I though of mentioning here; handful of videos are circulating on social media in which people claim that they have found cure to COVID 19. Like seriously? Are you people for real? Do you realize how much damage you might do to someone’s life? How can someone be so insensitive to just dress up, come on cam, create a video and say this can save you from CORONA. Try to be sensible people! how can you play with the lives just for the sake of traffic and viewership? In the middle of CORONA fear, people will be ready to try anything so, your totkas can put their lives in danger. This is the time to save lives instead of putting them to risk.

So, What exactly we must do in such a situation?

“STAY HOME”. This is the least you can do but the best in the interest of you, your family, your society, your city, your country, and whole humanity.

“WASH YOUR HANDS”. This is so misunderstood concept. People have started washing hands for like every 20, 30 minutes. Stop overthinking this may lead to OCD and Germaphobia. Too much hand washing can trigger eczema, dryness or other skin related diseases. So, when to wash hands? We know it already but forgot to practice in our busy life routines.

Here Corona is reminding you when to wash hands?

  • Before your meal/snack
  • When you enter the home from outside
  • After using washroom
  • Before cooking

“DO NOT SHAKE HANDS”. Avoid shaking hands or hugging or kissing. You can wait till the phase is over.

“AVOID PUBLIC PLACES”. This is extremely important. Less people lower the chance of contracting the disease.

“USE MASK”. This does not imply to use it 24/7.

You are required to use mask only if and when;

  • You are going out
  • Your are sick with flu, cough

Take this opportunity to spend quality life with your loved ones. Do a self-assessment. Change for the good.

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