Why children today get bored easily?

Very often, I see people arguing over no outdoor activities and extensive use of gadgets among children. I always wanted to speak out on this matter but could not for many reasons. The other day, I was sitting with a group of ladies, who were complaining that their kids get bored quickly despite having toys of all kinds and 100+ channels on television. She further added, “we were never such kind of kids who would run to the parents every 15 minutes to say we are bored.” One was of a view that we used to play with our friends, had only an hour to watch our favorite tv show, did not have mobiles or tabs and we were still never bored. Let me clearly mention, this was the group who are the generation of the late 80s. Many of you must have by now understood what the problem exactly is. Let’s discuss further to make things more crystal clear.

My purpose in writing this blog today is to convey my point of view in this regard. We, as a parent, become quite judgmental and jump straight on to the comparison grounds towards the child’s behavior and reactions. We must try to understand the various perspectives of why is the 20s kid different from the 80s or 90s? Because we read, hear and see a lot about global warming, is this the only change that happened over the years? No. The continuously changing environment does not only affect government, climate or economy, but it has also marked a great impact on society which means it has directly affected people at individual levels and as we are talking about a specific age group, the children, who are among the affected. The societal changes resulted in a drastic change in lifestyles.

Kids of 80s

Let’s put all the points on this blog canvas to understand better. 80s kids were the luckiest ones as they had an opportunity to enjoy a terror-free outside world. They could go outside to take rides, run around, play close to nature and breathe fresh air. This not only helps in their physical development but also added to the peace of mind. On the other hand, a 20th-century kid in being imprisoned by many factors including and not limited to; kidnapping, terrorism, extremism, mobiles, tablets, and others. The outdoors is not safe anymore, where you would like to take a chance to leave your child alone. I remember we had set timings to watch our favorite television show and it was never hard for us to decide what to watch. Not because we as kids were smarter than today’s children but because there were fewer media houses and they knew what to broadcast. There was less crap on tv and family-oriented or child-friendly programs were the content.

Kids in 2oth Century

Todays’ kids are more anxious, bored, restless, frustrated and depressed because societal changes and technological evolution have completely destroyed the happiness and charm of childhood. Now, why do you think, society and technology are both and equally responsible? The society; Are you not scared to let your child go to the park without an elder accompanying? I am. Either of a parent is required to take responsibility to take the kids out for games but when both the parents are on a tight schedule of 9:00-5:00, there is no choice left to let go of the outdoor activity concept on weekdays. I personally feel you cannot trust anyone when it is about your kids. In such a scenario, parents prefer to keep kids indoors. Here comes the role of media; television and mobiles/tabs. With the restricted physical activities, kids look for alternate entertainments and how long do you think a child can play with the buckets you stuffed with toys for them? Kids get fed up and so does parents. Finally, the last resort is to hand them over a mobile or a tab.

The change is inevitable

So, basically you see it is not entirely a child’s fault, nor can you put all the blame on parents. This is the environment that our kids have inherited, they are trying to fit into that. They are what we, as a society have gifted them. This is not a child’s fault if the basked full of toys cannot entertain him, this is not his fault if he asks for a mobile and a tab, this is not his fault if he gets bored quickly. 70% of our generation has lost the connection with the physical outside world, nature. 20% is lucky enough to pay and let their children enjoy this luxury (maids to look after/guards/caretakers). Only 10% are enjoying real outdoor activities without any fear.

We, as a society, must try to return our kids to the child-friendly outdoor environment, we enjoyed. Then they will never say, “We are bored”.

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