His First Hunt

Un ki kahani Un ki zabani

Ok so this is for the first and last time letting him make me write what he wants. 😉

There are many sorts who prefer wild game meat over what we are used to in normal days that is farmi chicken. Coming from a Marshal family where it is a tradition to stack up your freezers during the hunt game season with a variety of real organic wild meat.

In pursuit of my love for adventure games, I ended up making friends with common interest fellows. It was back in 1997 when I scouted very promising water foul marshy lake that the migratory Siberian ducks love to winter in. I bagged 32 ducks which included mallards, pintail, shovelers, and teals with a Remington Semi-Auto 12 GAUGE in District Badin, Sindh.

If you are interested to know about Essential Supplies a hunter needs, places and options for hunting in Pakistan, the do’s and dont’s of the game stay connected. You will get it all under this section of the blog.

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