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Ice Cream Sticks- Art and Craft Project

I am sharing with you a fun activity you can do with your children. You can use ice cream sticks to create an ice cream cart for kids’ play. This is a fun art and craft project to engage your children.

Craft Tools;

  • Ice cream sticks/popsicles stick (Colored)
  • Chart paper (02 colors)
  • Shashlik sticks (04)
  • Pringles Cover (02) (if that is not available you can use black cardboard to make wheels)
  • Glue gun

Process Steps;

  1. Join 18-20 popsicle sticks, using a glue gun, sideways i.e. vertically to create one side of the cart
  2. Repeat step 1 for the second side
  3. To make front and back of ice cream cart, cut edges of popsicles sticks and join 10-12 sticks horizontally. Prepare 2 sets.
  4. Join the four of above as shown in the picture
  5. Place cardboard/chart paper in the middle, push it a bit down.
  6. Stick shashlik sticks on four corners of the cart.
  7. Cut chart paper as required, bend a little and join with sticks (see picture)
  8. Stick tires using a glue gun
  9. Color of your choice

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