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Solar System 3D Model

This one is for all craft lovers, creative souls, mothers, and children. I will start with the mothers and school-going children. So, what is the most exciting time of the year for you? Yes, yes, I can hear that, and mine too. Summer vacations are the most awaited time of the year. The idea of not putting kids to bed sharp at 8:00 pm, the early morning marathon of preparing lunch, breakfast, getting your kids ready for school, the hassle of dropping and picking them up and a lot more makes you tired. Many mothers do not want that break either because they are happy with “me time” they get when the children are off to school. Well, I would say that’s the matter of preference. You are not a bad mom if you get happy when kids are away, it shows we are a human. You are not a bad mom either if you look forward to holidays from school to enjoy waking up late. Long story short, where vacations bring excitement, joy, family time, it does also bring along “Projects to do”. Well honestly, most of the projects are for mothers so, while kids enjoy their vacations, mums do all the creative stuff. I will suggest involving your kid with each art and craftwork you do, no matter what age are they. To help my readers with creative crafts, school projects, preschool projects, DIY crafts and arts and crafts for kids I decided to create this blog section which will purely focus on arts and crafts work.


  • Thermocol balls (08 in number of varying sizes as per the planets)
  • White straw
  • Water paint colors/poster colors
  • Thin craft wire (depends on how big your solar system will be)
  • Black Chart Paper or Cardboard (color it black)
  • Gloden Marker
  • Correction whitener pen
  • Glue gun


  • Paint thermocol balls as close to planets as you can. Put them aside to dry.
  • Cut thin craft wire depending which planet is how far from the sun
  • Stick white straw around Saturn ring
  • With glue gun paste sun in the center of your chart paper
  • Now connect planets with the help of craft wire
  • Assemble as shown in the picture
  • Draw stars around using whitener and marker
  • Label your project

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