Mazedaar Samosa Chat – Pakistani Food

“Chaat” or “Chat” is Pakistani food or precisely street food. The variations in chaat make it favorite of all. Chana chaat, samosa chaat, boondi chaat, lobia chaat are a few to name. The spice level can be adjusted as per the taste buds.

I can relate samosa chaat plate with so many beautiful memories; college canteen, friends hangout, treat, rainy day and family get-together. I know many of you had this plate of samosa chat at least once in life somewhere. I am sharing the recipe with you here, do try and share your feedback.

Samosa 02 (Aaloo filling)
Boiled chickpeas (white and black) 01 Bowl (You can boil chickpeas and freeze them for weeks to months)
Onions 01 (cube cut)
Tomato 01 (Deseed and cube cut)
Boiled Potato 01 (Cube cut)
Green Chili 02 (Chopped)
Tamarind Sauce (Imli Chatni) 1-2 Tbsp
Green Sauce (Hari Chatni with yogurt) 1-2 Tbsp
Salt (to taste)
Chaat Masala 01 Tsp
Coriander for garnishing (Chopped)
Mint for garnishing (Chopped)

In a bowl, add chickpeas, tomato, onion, potato, green chili, salt, and chaat masala. Mix well. Put this chaat in a serving bowl, spread both chatnis and place samosas over it. Garnish with coriander and mint.

Tastes great if samosas are hot.

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