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Smog – An Alarming Health Hazard

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Have you ever noticed that no other language has such a fast pace new vocabulary incorporation as in English? I was sitting the other day, reading articles online and I observed that in my thirty years of life, English vocabulary has grown up along so much that there are many words I never knew were coined in the language. Today I am not talking about the evolution of the English language. Though the preface went off topic but let’s get back to what we will be discussing.

Environmental Issues from the Past

Do you get worried sometimes about uninvited health and environmental issues? I do a lot of times. I often feel the life we had as children were way better than what our children or generation to come will be having. And it is more disturbing to think that it’s in no way their fault. They never deserved such a life. If I rewind my life and recall ten to fifteen years back, believe me, all I knew was air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, global warming, and FULL STOP. Thanks to the school, they taught us this but we never felt any of such pollution existed in real. Maybe at that time, it was just in the making to get intense.

New Environmental Hazards

Now in recent times, each of the above mentioned environmental hazards has subdivisions that are more terrifying and alarming. Deforestation, loss of biodiversity, plastic waste disposal, ozone depletion, smog, urban sprawl, and crops’ genetic modification are a few to name.

Smog Means Poor Air Quality

I will specifically be talking about “Smog” here in this blog. This might get a bit off or not that interesting because of the facts and figures but let’s face it, such challenges are of equal importance as entertainment. For those, who do not know;

“Smog is a type of intense air pollution. The “smog: was coined in the early 20th century.”

Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smog

The word “smog” itself is the combo of “smoke” & “fog”. Somehow the duo is not always related to something negative or bad but when combined together, the term smog indeed conveys a meaning of something hazardous. Why did I say smoke and fog alone are not always used in negative connotations? Here;

Smoke can have positive or negative implications depending on the scenario. Let me make it more clear. The smoke of the barb q? a scrumptious aroma. On the other hand, smoke from the brick kiln is mere perilous. The fog, similarly, is liked by many but some people out there do not appreciate foggy mornings.

Image result for air quality index chart"

Health Risks Associated To Smog

Basically, smog has the pollutants mixed up in the air. So, when we breathe that air (Oxygen) it gets into our lungs. Not to forget the passage it follows, nose, mouth (if you are a mouth breather), trachea.

Smog is as dangerous as smoking.

1. Asthma

If you are already suffering from asthma, get ready for it to worsen. Smog triggers asthma and other respiratory diseases and allergies.

2. Irritable Throat and Chest

Even if you never had asthma complain, smog can still cause irritation in the throat and chest with or without cough. Sneezing, watery eyes are uninvited gifts.

3. Lung Damage

If you are not scared yet, here you go with another health risk of smog. Yes, it is that dangerous. Ozone once enters your respiratory system, feeds well on it and can cause lung damage in severe cases.

Precautions You Must Take

  • Wear masks and wear them correctly. How to wear a mask?
  • The best is to stay indoors. Avoid outdoor activities as much as possible.
  • While staying indoors, does not mean smog needs to knock at the door to enter your house. Use an air purifier to kill as many pollutants as possible.
Wish you happy summers, happy winters free of smog

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