My all-time favorite 7 movies to watch with my kids

Do you have a girl or a boy? I have both. So, what happens here basically is that we can never watch SnowWhite, Cinderella, Toy Story, or Karate Kid together. Never, literally NEVER.

With a squad of princess and prince, you can watch these movies which I love watching with mine as each one of us enjoyed these. I will make sure not to give you the storyline, do not want to spoil the suspense and fun.

The colorful, striking, exotic, attractive city portrayal along with set of characters is amazing. It is one of the engaging and best movies I have ever watched. I loved watching it with my kids and we enjoyed a lot.

It’s a comedy movie with wild imagination blended so well with wittiness. You can enjoy this with your family.

One of its kind Pakistani movie. It is a computer animated production depicting the relationship of a little boy with animals particularly with Markhor. The story highlights the evilness of illegal hunters.

Now that Kung Fu Panda 4 has been released already. I still love Kung Fu Panda the first. The cuteness, and accidental kung fu art learning in a comical way makes this movie real fun and enjoyable.

Home Alone, an excellent movie but I would recommend to watch along with your kids and be prepared to the questions bombarded. At least mine had a lot many.

I won’t say that if you have kids below 5 years of age would understand the story line but yes, they would love all the fun parts of the movie. This is an informative movie for parents about a rare but neglected condition called “dyslexia”.

O Well, who does not know about The Lion King. An evergreen lovely picture. I loved watching it when I was young and love watching it today.

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