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07 Positive Life Changes Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Has Taught the World

Deadly Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak has taken many precious lives globally. Since December 2019, the world has seen heavily irreplaceable losses in terms of materials and humans. Covid-19 has completely disrupted the world’s economy and financial structures at one end and the mental health of people and families on the other.

Among all the deadly evils COVID 19 Coronavirus Pandemic has played, there are some positive life long lessons it has taught the whole humankind. Though we are learning these lessons the hardest way, we need to keep looking for the gleam amidst the Corona darkness.

To keep the positivity and hope existing let us highlight the 7 positive life changes Covid-19 pandemic has taught the world.

#1. The importance of the Health Care System in a Country

Hospitals, clinics, and health care facilities are no longer the secondary or tertiary requirements of a life pyramid. Coronavirus pandemic has exposed the actuality of crippled healthcare system in developing as well as developed countries. Building highrises or malls can purely be in the interest of moneymakers. All that a common man needs is a healthcare facility and that too free of cost.

Being from Pakistan, I have seen the flawed health system revealed during Covid-19 Pandemic which is a slap straight in the face of Ex-Governments and Sitting Government of Pakistan. The common people have understood how important a standard hospital, clinic, health facility is for them but the Government needs this lesson to learn today, before its too late. Pakistan can not afford strict curfew or lockdown, to deal with this deadly pandemic and wickedness of the lot because of the weak economy. But since 1947, we focused on building malls, highrise buildings, motorways, dams ignoring the basic necessity i.e. hospitals. The hospital interpretation is not that of a building structure but providing complete medical types of equipment and testing facilities.

The world knows NOW, health care systems are the prime requirement of a Country.

#2 Always Eat Healthy to Strengthen your Immune System

Coronavirus has no established cure to date. So, the world was taken by a storm; “strengthen your immunity”. The question here arises, is immunity like a homemade cottage cheese that can be produced overnight? or is immunity like hair that needs time to grow? Immunity can not be strengthened overnight. Studies showed that Coronavirus can attack anyone even those who have strong immunity but the symptoms vary from none to mild in such cases and recovery rate is high.

Basically, the implication of a strong immunity system is to start eating healthy if you were not doing it previously. We are good at stuffing our fridge with packed items, filling our pantries with canned foods, and pack our freezers with processed foods. All this is clearly unhealthy. Coronavirus pandemic has shown us that strong immunity is a key but we do not require immunity alone to fight with this particular virus. A strong immunity can also increase your recovery rate against many other diseases like typhoid, common flu, bronchitis, and other diseases.

#3 Staying Clean and Keeping Environment Clean is Equally Important

Life on a roller coaster has jumped into the sway. No more rushing for work, food, shopping which means no more forgetting of washing hands and face after coming back home. We always knew washing hands and staying clean in extremely important but we had the excuse of having our busy days. Covid-19 Coronavirus has reminded and reinforced to practice staying clean and washing your hands many times. It is the same as the teacher says; do it like 50 times and then it will become a habit.

So yes. we knew we shall wash hands, stay clean but we forgot the environment we live in, needs to take care of. It kept reminding us through global changes but we turned deaf. Now was the time mother nature did self-healing and Covid-19 helped her do so. Last year, research stated poor air quality index in big cities. After Coronavirus, the AQI has drastically improved.

#4 Less is More

The biggest life changing lesson learnt during this quarantine is you can have minimal and that can be more than enough. It is not important to go shopping every second day. We survived without buying a shirt whole month. Clothes, accessories, decorations, footwear, cosmetics these all can be shopped once in a while. We used to stuff our drawers and closets which was wrong.

Minimalism is a new trend. If we were not forced to stay indoors because of Covid-19 we would have never understood the only important things in life are water, food, and oxygen. None of us have a strong will of staying away from “new products launching soon” marketing ideas. It is only because of quarantine we shopped less and had enough.

#5 Homeschooling is Still an Option

There has always been a complaint against daycares and schools of doing business only to make money. Home education or homeschooling is something that happens in many countries and a lot of parents prefer. Quarantine time has given more parents a chance to home school their children during a pandemic. This less formal way of education helped parents to bond with their children and also re-lived their own school time.

It is rightly said; you can not decide until you try, which holds accurate in this scenario, now the parents get option of homeschooling if they like to. This also gave parents confidence of tutoring their child themselves.

#6 Remote Working is a New Normal

8+ years back I was a having a conversation with someone who wanted to know what am I doing? I told them I work from home, I am a freelancer. May be it seemed normal in developed countries but does not sound normal in developing ones. Anyways, they asked me again; what office you go to? I stated; I work from home. And the conversation ended on “Okay means you do not do any proper job”.

Lock downs following Coronavirus resulted in many offices and businesses to shutdown their physical work spaces and now every home is an office. Millions of people are working from home. This W.F.H has become a new normal in employment industry. As, the blog is focused on positive effects by Coronavirus, the pros of working from home must be highlighted.

  • No hassle of getting up early and get ready
  • No rushing to catch a train or bus for work
  • No more stuck ups in traffic
  • Utility cost reduction for employer
  • Wage adjustments

Not all the industries can work that way but those who can, Must.

#7 Digitalization is a Necessity

During Covid-19 pandemic it is observed that people have shifted to online services. They look for online grocery, online delivery, online consultation, online registrations and so forth. Digitalization or digital transformation is a solution to all the needs of people quarantined at home. It is mandatory to start from the base level and move towards transformation.

Corona virus is giving the world a chance to start for a better. The worst, the terrible is done by human race already. Now is the time to clean the mess, to slow down and make the world a safe place to live.

Hope this pandemic gets over soon instead of becoming a new normal.

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