How To Manage Sinusitis and Nasal Allergies In Kids

If your kid suffers from sinusitis or nasal allergy, this will become the worst horror story of your life to deal with. Unfortunately, I am one of all those parents who have been through or still are going through this nightmare.

My husband has sinusitis since long and my kids did not only take after their father’s appearance but also inherited sinus and allergies. Not sure though if this can be inherited or not. So, basically, there are three people in my house with this problem and I use three different approaches to manage them. We have been to many doctors, hakeems, and homeopaths but till now haven’t found a permanent cure. As I mentioned, three of my family members have sinus issue, I will just talk about my little ones here.

Let’s start off with the SYMPTOMS and how I ended up knowing that yes, this could either be sinusitis or nasal allergy.

The symptoms of Sinusitis and Nasal Allergy vary in different age groups. My daughter is growing up with the same and I have observed how it has affected her differently at age 3 and then at 6. Similarly, symptoms in my son are slightly different.

  • Blocked Nose (Sometimes)
  • Runny Nose (Sometimes)
  • Cough (At Night)
  • Sneezing (Morning or Evening)
  • Headache (In my elder one)
  • Mouth Breathing
  • Itchy Eyes and Nose

Allergies are relatively more common. Sinusitis on the other hand, are a little hard to diagnose on our own and require medical intervention. Initially, at times I failed to establish whether its allergy or sinus that is troubling my child in that particular moment of time. When there is alone nasal congestion as an apparent sign you hardly get to understand what exactly is the reason. Over the period of time, I observed when they are allergic they rub their nose more often.

Nothing is more disturbing for parents than seeing their kids in pain. They can then go to all extent for effective TREATMENT

As soon I felt my kids were restless and had disturbed sleep along with mouth breathing I took them straight to Child Specialist. His diagnosis was plain seasonal allergy for which he prescribed anti-allergic syrup. Of course, this was a temporary reliever. I took them to ENT, hakeem, homeopath but nothing worked.

I researched a little over internet, spoke to my mother, mil and grandmother about it. I tried all desi totkay too to provide them as much relief as I can. So, here I am sharing a few with you that work for me.

How do I manage my children’s sinusitis and nasal allergies?

  • Saline Drops
  • Baby Vicks Rub
  • Olive Oil
  • Olbas Oil
  • Humidifier
  • Raised Pillows
  • Eucalyptus Steam
  • Plain Steam
  • Panadol
Nasal Congestion, nose blockage, sinusitis, nasal allergies remedies

Put one drop of Salinase (Saline Drops) in each nostril. Never use steroid based nasal sprays.

Rub baby Vicks under your child’s feet at night. This will provide relief from cough.

I started using olive oil when my daughter was born. Its been since then I am using it daily. You can apply in nostrils with your finger or cotton bud or tissue.

Olbas Oil has a strong odor. One to two drops on the pillow is more than enough to clear nasal congestion. Never apply it directly in the nose or skin. This one does wonder and I rarely use it when no other option works.

Humidifier, specially in winters when our heaters at our homes cause dryness.

Post nasal drip causes cough and makes breathing difficult. To avoid this, elevate pillow, may be use two pillows for kids to sleep.

If your child is ready to take steam, nothing better than giving plain one. But my little one hates it. Therefore, I use an old pot and boil water in it. I then add eucalyptus leaves or essence whatever is available and put it in my room with door closed. This also provides relief to their nasal blockage.

If kids complain headache or facial pain I give them panadol.

With similar symptoms, at times it become impossible to differentiate between sinusitis and allergies. Whatever it is, always try to go for natural solutions.

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