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Dolling up my little one in Eastern Wear

“Amongst the blessing of a woman is that the first born be a girl.”

I am blessed to have daughter as my first born.

As Iqbal said;

وجود زن سے ہے تصوير کائنات ميں رنگ

My daughter is the girl, who has filled color in the picture of my life. The day I held her in my arms, I started understanding my mother even more. Out of a lot, many things I loved doing for and with my daughter, my most favorite one to date is dressing her up especially in eastern wear on traditional occasions.

My stylo girl loves wearing ghararas, lehngas, and frocks – pishwas to be precise. I always prefer traditional dresses for my girl on traditional occasions; Pakistani weddings, eid celebrations, independence day, and so on. I keep on updating her wardrobe with traditional dresses so that she develops a love for our national (shalwar qameez) and traditional dresses.

I believe, there is too little time before kids grow up and we mother won’t be able to dress them up as we wish 😉 So, I am making full of this limited-time opportunity to dress my daughter in dresses I love to see her wearing.

Dressing up your girl in party wear, formal wear and traditional wear shall not cost you an arm and length. We are all aware children outgrow clothes in the blink of an eye. So, it is always a good idea to shop cleverly for their clothes. Let me share, “No Compromise” approach on how to select outfits for your little ones.

No Compromise on Comfort

I look for an outfit that is comfortable enough to not irritate kids and moms both, and also too chic and presentable for the particular occasion. No one can stand a scene where the mother is trying to pull down a dress which is uncomfortable for a child and making him screaming at the top of her voice. So yes, don’t fall for any beautified, ornamented dress hanging inside a big brand outlet. Such dresses do not bother the mannequin an inch but can put you and your child in trouble. The clothing material, embroidery thread, stitching styling, and ornamentation on clothes are all to be considered while deciding to choose a dress.

No Compromise on Quality

Though it is said;

مہنگا روئے ایک بار سستا روئے بار بار

This does not mean to grab an outfit that will disturb your monthly budget. But on the other hand, it also does not imply going for the poor quality dress which is the cheapest in the market. Never compromise on the quality of the stuff used. Usually, brands are the safest choice when it comes to quality.

Brand Sales are a go to……..

I understand mothers are concerned about the prices these brands offer so, the best way is to wait for sales and shop when the season is off. You can subscribe to their newsletter and updates, this way you will not miss an update when the sale is on.

Here is the list from where I shop eastern wear for my kids and love the stuff, stitching, and styling.

P.S. This is not a sponsored or paid content.

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