Content Writing

What is Content Writing?

Content, these days, is not limited to words alone. It covers a vast spectrum encompassing video scripts, image/product descriptions, presentations, animations, speeches, social media posts, marketing copies, and more. On the other hand, writing implies the same meaning as it did decades ago, i.e. joining of words to present a meaningful piece that conveys the intended message to the desired or targetted audience. Content Writing, however, needs a detailed explanation to make it understandable.

Content Writing Process

The process involves a clear PLANNING, thorough RESEARCH, first DRAFT, EDITING, and then the FINAL COPY. We will discuss each of them in detail here.


When planning any article or piece of writing you are supposed to plan it around your topic. You never jump straight on to writing, most of the time it is a bad idea. Planning has to be in mind and when it comes to writing you need to plan your time, space, and how are you going to take it to step by step.


Only thorough research is the key to produce an appealing piece of writing. Now if you are unsure how to start with research here are the tips;

  • The end goal and the target audience are of prime importance when it comes to writing. Understand what you want to accomplish through this content.
  • For content research, Ask Google. Type in your topic and pull out a few articles from the first three pages.
  • Read what others are to say on the same topic. Search website/ blogs/ social media.
  • Pen down the points that are related to your topic. Never use the same words even when pulling the pointers. It will block your thought process. Read a sentence or two you like and make a point in your own words, you can elaborate later.


At this point, you have collected enough data to start writing your first draft. Create an outline as it will help you arrange your content in an organized way instead of making a hotchpotch. Outlines give a refined structure to your writing. Try using short simple sentences. You can add quotes, jokes, or small verses (if they fit in) to make your content more engaging. Using these points you can write your first draft.

  • You can use GRAMMARLY to check for grammatical errors.


Remember in school, we were always told by our teachers and parents to re-read or check our paper before handing it over. The same rule applies to Content Writing. Once you are done with your first draft. Proofread your work and make changes where required.

If you are planning to become a content writer and are new to it, this article will help you understand how to write a few samples to add to your portfolio.
“Be Original – Happy Writing”

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