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Who can be a Content Writer? What does a Content Writer do?

In another post (Read here), Content Writing was explained in detail. The content writer is the one who does content writing work. In this article, the aim is to clarify who can be a content writer & what are the job roles a content writer has to do.

Who is a Content Writer?

Daily you do come across written material as in newspaper, journal, magazine, brochures, cards etc. this falls in the category of print media. Likewise, on digital platforms there in ton of content ranging from social media posts to articles, videos and news etc. Every written material falls in the category of content. The people behind producing such engaging content are called content writers.

Content writers are professionals who master the skill set of producing relevant and engaging content to connect to their audiences. The key skills required for being a content writer include; good observation, excellent story narration, impeccable grammar, spellings and sentence structure creation, ability to carry out swift and effective research, ability to write in different tones depending upon the end-user/ target audience. These are basic skills looked for in a content writer.

Who can be a content writer?

The one with minimum bachelor degree, as required by Company if they induct an employee for full time. Many employers prefer an individual with language degree mostly English, communications, creative writing or journalism. A College grad can also become a content writer provided they have excellent writing skill.

What does a content writer do?

Usually, when hired by agency, like all other jobs, duties and responsibilities of Content Writer vary. A few must do duties include following;

  1. Completing tasks in given timeline
  2. Proofread and editing
  3. Content creation
  4. Conducting research on provided topics
  5. Create manuals or guides

In different industries content roles differ. Also, job description might vary for short term and long term jobs.

It is best to learn side skills to support your content career. You can pick up online courses to do so. There are free as well as paid platforms.


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