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10 Types of Content Writing -You Must Learn to Earn

By now, you know who is a content writer and what is content writing.

The next question is, “how many types of Content Writing are there?”. Well, there are a lot many content writing types but you will get to know about the most useful, broadly categorized ones here in this article.

Mastering one of them will land you in good job.

1. Creative Writing

Let’s travel down the memory lane; creative writing was taught in lower and upper primary English grammar classes. We were asked by the teacher to write a creative essay on one of the topics given, which was in Secondary School. Since then, essay writing and creative writing were inseparable from English Grammar lectures.

Being a professional content writer, this creative writing thing won’t leave you either. Consider it as a basic of all other kinds of writings with a few variations. The notable kind of creative writing is article. Hence, yes, you can say creative writing and article writing are somewhat same and relatable.

Creative writing requires a blending of skills such as storytelling, punch lines, humorous elements (where applicable), imagination, observation, and purpose-oriented content.

All other types of content writings like blogs, social media posts, sales copy, web content etc. can be written creatively therefore indirectly fall in the category of creative writing.

2. Website Content

Whether it’s a clothing brand or designer jewelry, a reseller or a service provider, each one of them get a website designed at some stage therefore require content to put up on that site. Creation of web content depends upon the end goal of a business. If it is a product based website, content shall revolve around gaining customer trust and making them stay on page.

Website content has to be punchy, clear and simple at the same time. If your target customers can not relate to the content on site, that content will be useless.

3. Blog Posts

Blog posts are kind of creative writing to placed on websites. It won’t be wrong categorizing blog posts under the heading of website, as blogs are generally the kind of web spaces people use to share content. The prime requirement of a blog is compelling content. A blog does not only include words but video, images, charts etc. add value to a blog.

*Keep visiting to read a detailed article on how to write a blog, its structure and more.

4. Ghostwriting

Yes, you got that right. Ghostwriting is the type of writing written by a ghost but in this case ”You are the ghost”. If you offer your services as a ghostwriter, you can come across ample opportunities. In simple terms, the writer does not get credit for his writing. Once you hand over the project to your employer/client it is no more yours.

5. Technical Writing

The title ”Technical Writer” might sound as if he is supposed to develop a complicated write up. But No. Technical writer is the one who makes technical manuals for software, products in such a way which general public or the target audience can understand. Their task is to simplify the complex language of technical stuff. Technical writing comprises of product manuals, guides, FAQs etc.

6. Social Media Posts

You have a brand but not stating it a loud on social media, this is a huge mistake at your end. Social media posts are more like a marketing copy. The principal aim of social media post is to engage audience and make them revisit the page or group. Unlike other type of writings, social media content has to be posted on daily basis without a fail. One of the goal of social media posts is to increase traffic and followers.

7. SEO Content Writing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) brings websites up in search engines through writing by following search engine-friendly content guidelines. Research is the main key to such kind of writing. Keywords research is a part of SEO content creation.

Let me explain this in more simpler words; If a website has excellent seo techniques blended in content, people will be able to see that website somewhere on first two three pages of google i.e. a search engine.

8. Long-Form Writing

Long-form writing requires patience, stamina and pile of information. The content in such kind of writings are long and hence placed under the umbrella of long term projects. E-books, Research reports, Case studies etc. are a few examples of long-form writings.

9. Emails

How can one not write an email for himself? If this is what you thought after looking to the heading, let me explain, this email writing is not same as replying to your pal with greetings and jokes. A winsome headline, and a call to action are prime features of such emails. Campaigns and newsletters are part of this kind of writing.

10. Copywriting

Copywriting includes promotional content and marketing material. All the content you see in ads is also a type of copywriting. So, basically, a wordsmith plays with words to make them attractive and help business sell their products or services.

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