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How To Become A Content Writer – 5 Things Start Today To Be A Writer

Harsh but true, you can not become a content writer over night. There is no magic potion to drink and no mantra to read to transform into a professional content writer next morning.

Good news, good news; It’s not impossible to become one. Yes, all it takes is; patience, consistency, focus and will to achieve your goal.

Today, I am sharing with you some proven “to do’s” if only you wish to become a content writer, freelancer, content creator and so on.

1. Reading is the key 📖

Think before you speak. Read before you think.

Fran Lebowitz

At this stage, what you read is not as much important as just you read it. If you do not like to read, writing is not for you. This is the most sugarcoated way to say it. “Why read?” If this is the question bothering you, hang on there. I won’t move forward without explaining the benefits reading brings to a reader.

Why Read? Reading;
  1. Connects you to world
  2. Widens your horizons
  3. Adds to your knowledge
  4. Brings in more information
  5. Increases/Improves comprehension
  6. Vocabulary expansion
  7. Results in mental stimulation

All these eventually result in improved writing skills.

What to read?

Anything. Literally, you shall read anything you come across. Novels, articles, website content, banners, brochures, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, newspaper or whatever you like to read, go for it. The purpose is develop this habit of reading to upgrade your writing skills.

2. Develop daily writing habit 🖋

The same rule applies to developing daily writing habit. Start writing today. You do not need any topic to write on, all you need to do is take a pen and a paper and start writing. Give words to your thoughts. Initially, as a jobseeker, stay at home mom, or aspiring writer you might end up venting your irritation and frustration through words. Believe me it is completely fine.

You can also write about your day. The more you write the better your skill will become one day.

What you are writing is not important. But YOU ARE WRITING is all that matters.

I remember, back in days when I was not writing enough, one day I was given a topic and BOOM….. I was blank. Call it writer’s block or not being in practice to write but yes, this happens when you are not practicing to write.

3. Study other writers

It is necessary to know what others are writing when you want to create quality and solid content. Reading other content writers give you ideas about the trending topics and when you are short of ideas you can get hints from their write ups.

If you want to become a better content writer it in important to study work of other writers and analyze their content and its presentation.

4. Extensive research will add value to your content 🔶

Research is formalized curiosity, it is poking and prying with a purpose.

Zora Neale Hurston

If you are creating an article and have a topic in hand, google is a first go to for research. It is always good to read on the topic and get information, facts, figures etc. where required.

As we know excess of everything is bad. Similarly, excessive research can make you exhausted mentally and it will become impossible to absorb too much information. Give a good read to three to four potential writings and then go to writing.

5. Observe your surroundings

Experiences are the best teachers. No school can teach life lessons that life teaches. You can not only learn from your experiences but from others as well. Observing people will help you develop insight into characters. Same way, observing surroundings help you build up setups and scenes with minute details in your writing.

A writer, I think, is someone who pays attention to the world.

Susan Sontag

Good observation help you develop a content that can hook reader if they can relate to it.

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