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Woes of a Mid-Career Level Individuals

One of the meme said,

Welcome to life after college…………………….where there’s no job to be had and your college degree does not matter.

Another goes as;

One does not simply………………………………..Get your first job without experience.

Internet is stuffed with problems of freshers not getting a job. Be it a social media platform, a post, an article, a joke, a meme or anything, each one talks about fresh graduates facing hard time landing on a job. This is true, I agree with the statement but there is more to the unemployment story.

A never employed and a recently unemployed go through the same level of stress. But this suffering becomes double for a mid-career level individual. The one who never shares his woes quiet openly. Every other person, every other comment, every other post debates on issues of a fresh graduates job hunters. Never have I ever come across anything voicing the troubles of a person who loses his job at mid-career level for XYZ reason.

Being jobless can never be anyone’s choice. It’s time to state out loud that yes, a mid-career level individual faces more hardships and challenges if and when he loses his job.

What could be the possible reasons to quit if not terminated?

1. Burnt Out

There is this culture of over burdening an experienced team player with extra to do’s like training his new colleague alongside accomplishing his daily goals. The poor guy ends up doing 70% of the task of fresher as he is not yet fully trained.

Usually, the gravity of the issue is not understood, and hence, they throw a statement; this is how it works and if you can’t handle it, leave.

2. No Growth – Static Career

Lucky are the employees whose team head is a leader and not a boss. A leader leads by example and gives everyone their due credit, for the efforts. However, if you are not that fortunate and have a boss who is a narcissist, (selfish) you might get stuck at a position till he vanishes from the face of earth or you do.

This is one of the major cause why people leave job at mid-career level when they have family to feed and future to secure.

3. Challenge of Landing a New Job

This is the real challenge. Imagine the frustration level of a person who is at the mid-level in his career and is jobless. Most of the jobs require either “Freshers” or “2-3” years of experience in relevant field. Can you see the problem now?

Purpose of writing this post;

The least we can do is speak up for the people who fall in this percentile. Through your posts, comments, articles. You like creating memes, want to make things humorous, go ahead do it that way. But do it.

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