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How to Set Up a WFH (Work-From-Home) Office – A Complete List of Items for Setting Up a Home Office

Ever since the pandemic has hit the world, work-from-home is a new normal. Everyone was either forced to quarantine or was held indoors under lockdown. Now that the world is getting vaccinated, partially offices are opening up but remote work is here to stay, my friends. Now when almost everyone has to work from home, one of the challenges is to set up a WFH office so that you stay as productive as you were in your office cabin.

The time you spent in your office was business time, it has to be the same at home. Minimize distractions, choose a dedicated area which can be a room, a garden shed or garage, whatever suits you.

Things You Need To Set Up Home Office

Depending upon nature of your job, you might need specific gear to get your work done effectively.

However, there are few basic things that every home office requires.

  • Right and comfortable furniture
  • Consider natural and proper lighting
  • Desk organizers & accessories
  • Mouse/Mouse Pads
  • Headphones

If you are thinking why have I not included a laptop/desktop machine and Wi-Fi in the list. Well, these are the must haves definitely, when you work no matter at home, office, park, car, coffee shop or anywhere else.

Right and Comfortable Furniture:

Once you have picked up a dedicated area to set up your home office. This space has to be purely now set up for office work. Equip it with a comfortable and handy chair table. Make sure your chair is comfortable enough to spend few hours on it. Saving a few pounds at the cost of backache and neck ache won’t be a wise move.

Usually, our feet are in the most unrested position, you can get a desk cushion footrest to avoid leg strain and foot pain.

This foot cushion is a comfortable, ergonomic solution that takes away some of your pressure from workdays. It is lightweight and the nylon cover is easily removable which can be washed too. It gives support to your feet and makes you relax while sitting for long hours and working. You can GET this product HERE

Consider Proper and Natural Lighting:

Adequate lighting is one of the major aspects of a home office. A too bright or too dark room can not only affect your workspace, productivity but results in eyestrain, poor focus, headaches, and frustration.

Natural light is equally important as it boosts your mood. Your office room must have good natural light to help you feel fresh.

White lights are too loud to become part of a calm and peaceful working environment. It is always better to install warm light. You can also find warm light lamps to throw additional light at your work desk.

You can check work lamps for desk here and buy.

This is an LED flicker-free and energy-saving product. This adds personality to your workspace. You can buy this product today!

Desk Organizers and Accessories:

A cluttered working space = A messed up mind

So, yes, clear all the mess from your work table and organize everything. Believe me, this is going to help you work efficaciously.

Use decorative baskets. holder and other creative desk organizers to keep your things organized and handy.

You can search online stores or can CLICK HERE and order.

Mouse, Mousepads, Headphones, Mic, Webcams & Others:

Well, you have decorated your office, furnished the room, lights are perfect and so is furniture but the technical items can not be ignored. After all, you will need each of them to perform your tasks efficiently.

It entirely depends on the kind of job and requirements. You might need a printer, scanner or you might not need them if you are going paperless.

So, technical equipment should be readily available to avoid problem in run time.

Last but not the least, hang a wall clock and some motivational pieces that help you keep going.

Happy Working From Home!

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