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Using Free Images and Graphics in your Content – Tips for Content Writers

You are a wordsmith and your content is error-free, grammatically perfect, excellent sentence structure, zero spelling mistake, and great vocabulary. But you are still struggling to capture the audience and keeping them hooked to your content. Why do you think is this happening?

True Story:

I was driving by and on my way, there were three ad boards. For two of them, I didn’t try to check in detail whatever they were offering as it was plain text and text. One, however, grabbed my attention as it had a striking ad displayed with photo graphics. So, those graphic pictures piqued my curiosity. Can you feel the difference? Using images and graphics add weight to your content, be it for marketing, or any other purpose.

Importance of Images and Graphics in Content

No matter you have drafted 5000 words but with no image, be assured you are simply hamstringing your efforts for no good reason. A single on-point stock picture is worth more than plain 1000 words. If you want to get noticed in the pool of content, it requires adding a fit-in graphic picture to make the well-written text more effective. Whether you are providing content writing services as a blog writer, copywriter, or freelance writer, the key to get more clicks on your write-up is the use of the right images.

Points to Remember for Using Images in your Content

1. Make sure you’re not using copyright images

Google is our favorite. Yes, I am not denying it at all. You want some recipe hit google, you want a template search google, you want a sample go to google, a thank you note text, ask google. But one of the serious mistakes, most writers make; they pick up a photo from google and put it up straight on their blog or website. Note that every image you find on google is not free. Therefore, stop googling for stock pictures and land to the real websites for free graphic images.

Legal usage of images is as important as using the right one. In fact more important than that if you want to avoid legal disputes.

2. Choose image that represent idea behind your content

It is best to search for the most suited image that exhibits the essence of your brand, service and audience. To land on that ONE perfect graphic, pull out a few and evaluate the available range of images for final selection. It is not a good idea to pick up the image which is widely used already.

If you are writing for a blog post, you can also create a custom image to fit in your content. Whatever you go with, it has to resonate with the idea of the brand and audience.

3. Resize, Crop and Edit Images before using

The image you pick up is not always aligned with the sizes of your website. Always resize, crop, and edit (if required) images before using them. Usually, 500-800 px is a standard size that works well on blog sites. You might also need to crop and edit the image as per requirements.

4. Rename your image file

If I have a photo library with names as vcghy54644fg, fgb888_7y7y and so on it will only bring headache to me. So, whenever you save your image its always a good idea to rename your file. This way whenever you will put it up on website that name will be a keyword and easy to search on search engines too.

Where To Find Free Stock Photos and Images

I am sharing some of the websites that I personally use. I am giving you links for free stock photos. Here are my viable options.

Unsplash provides you free high-resolution photos. It is a huge source of freely usable images. You simply have to punch in your keyword and get thousands of free stock pictures.

Also, Pexels provide you free stock photos on a click. There is also free videos option you can discover that too.

You can check royalty free stock images for free at pixabay.

ENDNOTE: It is common courtesy to give credit where it belongs. When you use a photo, image or graphic provide proper attribution. I will create another blog post on how to provide attribution of images. Keep visiting!

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