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10 Best Work From Home Jobs to Earn Living

Did you quit your last job? Or you never had one? Neither of that matters. If you are looking for a job and that too- work-from-home. This “10 Best Work From Home Jobs to Earn Online” article will provide you enough insight on work from home job options and related information.

Work from home (WFH) explained:

WFH has been a dream job for many and appeals to a lot out there. Who doesn’t like to work in PJs or from anywhere on the globe? After all, it saves traveling time, cuts your lunch expense, and saves your bucks to get formal clothing. Sounds awesome? I hate bursting that bubble, but let me tell you it also brings you the trouble of entertaining each one of a family member 24/7. At times, it becomes quite challenging to keep yourself focused, productive and avoid distractions. You can, however, somewhat resolve these issues by setting up a home office. Having a dedicated workspace will be an excellent idea to work efficiently.

Types of work from home jobs:

There are basically three kinds of jobs you can find if you are interested to work from home.

  • Full Time Remote Jobs
  • Projects
  • Contracts/ Part Time Jobs

Full Time Remote Jobs

This kind of job resonates with an office-based position demanding your availability for straight 8-9 hours/day. The only difference it brings you is that of working from home instead of an office setup. There are various ways to land such kind of job.

  1. Your current in-house employer shifts you to full time home based position (how sweet of him)
  2. Your previous employer opens up a full time remote position and hires you for that (what a luck)
  3. You apply to online full time remote jobs and get one (sky is the limit)


One-time projects are kinds of work that can be won via different job platforms. You can post a gig, send a pitch, apply via email or send cold emails to get a job. To get projects it is always best to get the following items ready all the time;

  1. CV/resume
  2. Cover Letter (tailor it for each project)
  3. Basic template – gig and pitch
  4. A prewritten email (personalize it everytime before sending out)
  5. Relevant work samples

You might not need to shoot every item mentioned above for each project you are trying to get. Always go with the requirements of the job.

Contractual Job/Part Time

All those 1 years, 6 months, 3 weeks jobs fall into the category of Contractual job. You might come across some jobs hiring on an hourly basis or for 4 hours per day, this is what we call a part-time job.

Pay Rates

Pay rates vary for every remote job. For full-time remote jobs, the pay scale is communicated beforehand and is fixed monthly wage along with other benefits (if any). You have every right to negotiate rates in an interview with your hiring managers.

On the other hand, when you are selling your services by winning a project, you will need to communicate your rates. Here again, you might have to negotiate but this time it will be service provider-client negotiation.

10 Best Work From Home Jobs

If you are looking for the best work-from-home jobs which come with the flexibility of schedule and timings, here you got them;

1. Content Writer

We have been writing since grade 1. If you are good at sentence structure, grammar and can blend your creative and research skills, you can definitely start selling yourself as a Content Writer. You can learn a lot about content writing from different YouTube channels and websites. You can also get yourself enrolled in online courses at Udemy, DigiSkills, SkillShare.

Content Writing is an extensive field and you are supposed to decide what kind of writing would you like to do. You can become an article writer, resume writer, website content creator, copywriter, and so on.

2. Online Tutor

As online education is growing, so is increasing growth in online teaching. If you are good at explaining things and are a master of your subject, you can become an online tutor and earn really well. There are plenty of students of all ages that are looking for online help with their education. You can become one to get them good grades.

3. Transcriptionist

Transcription involves typing out content from an audio file. Usually, practitioners record their prescriptions and outsource projects to transcriptionists. This saves them time and brings you money.

4. Data Entry

It requires good typing speed. It involves entering data, figures into software or a sheet as demanded by the client.

5. Virtual Assistant/Virtual Secretary

If you are an excellent organizer and maintain a schedule, this is your go-to job. It requires remote presence in particular hours and involves managing office duties including calendars, email correspondences, online document sorting, and data entry, etc.

6. Social Media Manager

Everyone is on social media. So, are the Companies. They require managers to manage their social media handles. IF you are good at engaging the audience and have strong networking skills along with a creative brain you better look for this job.

7. Graphic Designer

Each business out there needs a logo, website, graphics, and visuals to get into the game. If you got hands-on experience in graphic designing, logo designing, website creation, it’s time to get your game on. There are plenty of jobs for designers.

8. Customer Service Representative

This job might require you to work at a particular time. If you are good at communication you can definitely try finding a job in CSR.

9. Translators

Translators are so in demand these days. If you have mastered any international language, check out the job options as a translator. You will need to translate a file/document or audio from one language to another. So, learning a second language is not a bad idea.

10. Video Editor

Videos have taken over digital platforms. Whether it is a personal blog, a company’s website, annual college dinner, or family function, everyone at the end of a day needs a video editor. Who would like to post that raw video they captured themselves? If you got those apps and can do editing of such videos this is the best work-from-home job to earn online.

Better late to be sorry. Now is the time that you take a step ahead, learn a skill, and polish the existing ones. If you like this article, leave a comment and share this with your friends.

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