My name is Ayesha

I am born and bred in Pakistan. Yes, I am that proud Pakistani who takes pride in being a desirable tourist attraction country, having unmatched hospitable people, a delicious variety of food, magical mountains, valleys, and streams. This must have shown my love for traveling and discovering local. 

A content writer by profession quit her last job back in 2019. Was it easy? No, it was not. I went through the hardest time in life. From earning a handsome amount to zero was tough to face. It took me a while to realize that I said goodbye to position and not to writing as work. Since then, I am working as a part-time remote writer and a freelancer.   

Welcome to my little web space

It took a lot of effort to create this little space for myself and I would love to have anyone around who likes to connect. You can get a chance to learn what I know, mostly about Content Writing, Freelancing and Smartwork. You might also come across my travel stories, food posts, products, books and parenting tips often. 

My Interests

I enjoy learning new skills and working on writing projects. I am working remotely since 5 years So, well aware of how to manage work off board. 

My other interests include day trips with my family. You will always find me up for trying new cuisine.